Education system
in Poland

Compulsory education in Poland lasts for 9 years – the last year of pre-school education and
8 years of primary school education. The first stage of education lasts 8 years and is called the primary school. It includes two

  • grades 1-3 (early school education),
  • grades 4-8 where teaching is done by subject.

Then you choose an education facility you wish to attend:

  • secondary school of general education (4 years)
  • technical secondary school (5 years)
  • vocational school (level I – 3 years of education, level II – 2 years of education).

Who’s vocational school for?

If you want to have a profession as soon as possible and start working right after school, you should consider vocational school. It lasts for three years, you gain practical skills in workplaces and in practical training centres.

Who’s secondary school of general education for?

If you like to study and would like to study in the future, choose high school. Secondary
school of general education lasts three years. It ends with the MATURA EXAM.

Who’s technical secondary school for?

Technical secondary schools are intended for people who are interested in a specific
profession and want to grow in this direction. In addition to the vocational subjects, you will also be able to study core subjects for the Matura exam