When you need

Important information

Cultural assistant – in some schools you may meet a cultural assistant. This is a person who speaks foreign language (usually Ukrainian or Russian) and stays at school for several hours a week. The assistant can help you during classes, with your homework, or other problems.

Catch-up courses for pupils from other countries – if the curriculum at your previous school was very different from the one you are currently attending and you are behind the schedule – you can take advantage of the catch-up courses. Those are the additional classes in a subject that is difficult to you. If learning the new language isn’t going too well, teachers can decide whether you should repeat the year or not. But don’t worry, it is for the best and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. It’s a great chance for you to improve your skills. If during the last year of school you don’t speak Polish fluently, the school principal can offer you to take more time for the exam and give you the possibility to have your own room so
you can focus more.

If you have troubles with understanding everything during classes, please contact your teacher. School will arrange additional catch-up courses for you, so it will be easier at the end. Don’t be afraid to admit that you have difficulties!

Who can help you solve your school problems

  • Problem with a specific subject:
    • subject teacher → class teacher → counsellor → principal

  • Problem related to school life or contacts between you and your peers:
    • class teacher → counsellor → principal
  • Language barrier problem:
    • Polish language teacher (who teaches Polish as a foreign language) or cultural assistant.
  • Problem with documentation, formalities:
    • secretary’s office → deputy principal → principal
  • Counsellor’s support – a school counsellor help you to solve conflicts with other pupils and teachers. It is a person you can fully trust – he/she is at school to help you!