Exams in Polish

Final year has its own final exams. After completing each stage of the education you have to pass an exam. Facilitation! As a foreigner you are entitled to special conditions during state examinations in primary schools.

Primary school

In primary school, all pupils in grade VIII of the primary school take the external
eighth-grader exam (ezgamin ósmoklasisty)

Secondary school

At the end of education in secondary school, you take the maturity exam which opens access to higher education.
Those who did not pass the exam or were not admitted to a higher education institution could continue their education in post-secondary schools offering programmes of 1 to 2/2.5-years’ duration. Students finishing a basic vocational school entered the labour market with qualifications of skilled workers

Grades from subjects:

  • 1 – failing [Polish: niedostateczny (ndst.)]
  • 2 – pass [Polish: dopuszczający (dop.)]
  • 3 – satisfactory [Polish: dostateczny (dst.)]
  • 4 – good [Polish: dobry (db.)]
  • 5 – very good [Polish: bardzo dobry (bdb.)]
  • 6 – excellent [Polish: celujący (cel.)]

Pupils can also receive grades for pupil conduct:

  • reprehensible [Polish: naganne]
  • inappropriate [Polish: nieodpowiednie]
  • satisfactory [Polish: poprawne]
  • good [Polish: dobre]
  • very good [Polish: bardzo dobre]
  • exemplary [Polish: wzorowe]

Remember that the school year is divided into two semesters, and there’s a two-week winter break between them.